Monday, February 27, 2006


map of Dominica
Many of us in the United States take for granted the churches that surround us and the visitors we have "just passing through". Even in West Texas churches are no more than an hour from another sound church. Here in Middle Tennessee there are so many that you can't make all the Gospel meetings even one night during some weeks. And then there are the occasional visitors we have from time to time. But that is NOT the case for our brethren in most of the rest of the world

Dominica is a good example of this. There are 3 faithful churches there, each an hour or more from the others. In the north there is Vielle Case--they are at least 1 1/2 hours from the other 2 churches and are not on the way anywhere. The church in La Plaine (on the East coast, south of Rosalie) is an hour from the church at Goodwill, a northern suburb of Roseau on the West coast. La Plaine is perhaps even less visited than Vielle Case and Goodwill doesn't get many either. All of these will have around 20 in attendance, so they see the same 20 people week in, week out. They've heard there are big churches in the States, but most have never seen them. They've met preachers who have come from the States, but that number is limited, probably less than 10. They don't have Gospel meetings as we do, so don't even have that option of visiting and seeing one another.

Do you understand why brethren get discouraged in other places? Dominica has a population of 70,000 + and less than 60 Christians. In Puerto Rico the number are even worse; pop. 4 million and 50 Christians. Does the Eastern Caribbean have potential? Oh yes, the preacher in La Plaine has over 40 Bible studies each month. You won't have that many in some other islands, but the need is for teachers, not students. Please pray for these and other brethren throughout the world.


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