Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A couple of good men

In translating a report from Nino Estevez, who preaches in Venezuela, recently I was struck by something that occurred. As some of you may know Nino is my age and recently had surgery to remove a very large stone from one of his kidneys. The stone was large and had been there some time so the kidney was very inflamed and his recovery has taken longer than "normal". During this time period a man from a denomination came to see him and Nino began talking to him about the Gospel. Well, they spent some time talking about the differences between the true church and the denominations as well as God´s plan of salvation. The man came back later to visit, but also to demand baptism--he was not leaving Nino´s house until he was baptized. While Nino couldn´t baptize him, there were other brethren who could and did.

Here is where 2 good men met--Nino in spite of his physical weakness taught this man. He in turn was serious enough about the truth to not only listen but then obey it. May we all manifest the attitude of these two good men.


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