Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shivering in the ColdI

I read with interest stories about the ice storm in Oklahoma and the Midwest, thinking about people shivering in the cold--no power, no heat, etc. I'm sure a lot of that is because it is never cold here--it's 72 degrees right now and that's only because a tropical depression has settled in and it has rained all night and is still cloudy.

But strangely enough I am cold--my feet are like ice this morning. The windows are all closed (so rain won't blow in) and the fan is off, but I'm cold. It's strange how the body gets accustomed to whatever the climate is. I like to think about snow and cold weather now, but am not really sure I want to feel too much of it.

In the same way our minds get accustomed to sin. If we are surrounded by cursing and bad language, before we know it we are picking it up--if not saying it out loud, we are at least thinking it. If we are watching TV shows where people jump in and out of bed (lets call it what it is--fornication) all the time, we slowly accept this as "normal". If we re constantly told that the "gay" lifestyle is just an alternative way of living, before long we begin to accept that, usually before we're even aware of it consciously.

Brother, what are you getting accustomed to? Morally speaking, that is?


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