Friday, August 22, 2008

"El estado Grande"--Chihuahua

For the next few days I'm in Chihuahua, "the big state" of Mexico. It's still kind of amazing that I can leave Puerto Rico one afternoon and 24 hours later be in N. Mexico, having spent the night in Arizona. I'm preaching a Gospel meeting in Nuevo Casas Grandes.

The church here is different from many in Mexico--they have around 100 in attendance on Sunday and have 3-4 generations of the same family as members. Brother Angel Palomares preached here for 50 years or so, before health problems forced him to "retire". I was concerned what would happen once he could no longer preach, but the brethren have stepped up and although they're in something of a transition, so far it seems to be working. Several take turns preaching, a month at a time, which has pushed them to mature. Others have risen to teach classes, etc. So far this year they've had 7 baptisms.

Let us continue to pray for these brethren as they work together.

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Gardner Hall said...

Hope you have a good meeting. You're definitely a globe trotter! Bolivia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc. God bless