Thursday, January 15, 2009

The conveniences of modern life

I'm in the Dominican Republic and am reminded again of how good we have it in the States.

Water came today--their days are Tues. and Thur. They have a tank on the roof, so if you're careful you have water every day. But house cleaning and washing must be done on one of these 2 days--so much for doing laundry when you want to.

The power has been on most of my time here, although it was off for a couple of hours yesterday. I thought I would have to finish my sermon last night in the dark, but it was only a couple of voltage drops. Tonight I preach in a rural area, where the power goes out almost every night, so they meet at 6 PM.

Santo Domingo is a city of 4 million +, with not enough roads for the ever growing number of cars. Today Nino will travel from the north of the city to downtown, from there to the airport 15 miles south, to the east side to pick me up, to travel even farther north to the "suburbs" for a Bible study, to go even farther east to El Mamon tonight, to return "home" in the north--easily 4-5 hours in the car. He probably left home at 6 AM and will get back at 8:30 or so, depending on if he stays to visit tonight. For those who rely on public transportation it is even more time consuming.

Yet in spite of these difficulties brethren meet together 3 times a week--Sunday, then either Tues/Thur or Wed/Fri.

What about you?


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