Friday, February 20, 2009

Environmental damage

To the right is one of our "neighbors"--he used to come up in the backyard often, but the dogs seem to have changed his feeding patterns. The iguanas in the trees behind our house are a constant attraction to those who visit us, but not everyone here is so excited by them. Seems they are damaging "bird habitat" along one of the shipping canals. Funny how "the environment" can affect the "environment", isn't it?

This discussion is kind of like weeds--they always seem to be hardier than the "good" plants, so if left alone will choke the good ones out.

Which brings me to the spiritual application. Our environment has a profound effect on our spirituality. If we are surrounded by people who have no interest in God and spiritual things, it WILL rub off on us. To be sure, we may not forget God completely, but He will not be as important to us as He used to be. If we are surrounded by immoral people, their values and even actions could become part of our lives. If all our friends are religious people, but not Christians, that will affect our spirituality as well. Obviously then, it is important who are close friends are, and even who we spend a lot of time with.

On the other hand, if our close friends are other Christians they too will affect us--for the good. If you want to get stronger spiritually you need to spend more time with people who are spiritually strong.

Our environment affects us too; for good or for evil. Which will you choose?


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Anonymous said...

you are so right....

Christ is the answer!

we have one world to share for the glory of the Lord...we have to protect