Friday, April 10, 2009

Becoming all things to all men

Today is "Good Friday" you know and in the Caribbean it is one of the days of the year you MUST go to church. For the past 6-7 years the church in Dorado, Puerto Rico has had a service on Good Friday, with lots of visitors. You see most of the 40 + that were present today--25 of them were non-Christian visitors. If you subtract the 7 of us who came from other churches you see that the members were way outnumbered by the members. The good thing about the non-Christians is that many of them are family of the local brethren, so there is a point of contact to study in the future.
I know some would pale at the idea of "celebrating" this Roman Catholic tradition, which cannot be found in the Bible. If they were celebrating it like others do I would agree, but they are not. People here are looking for a place to "go to church" today, so why not use it to teach them the truth? In 1 Cor. 9:22 Paul says, "I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some."
Think about what you can take advantage of to preach the Gospel.


Ed Rangel said...

I counted 52 in attendance.

Gardner Hall said...

I hope something can be done in Dorado, but it probably needs more attention than it is getting. Thanks for taking me there!