Saturday, September 23, 2006

Grenada--the Spice Island

Grenada is another undeveloped island--like St. Vincent and Dominica. There is tourism there but spices, particularly the nutmeg is a big industry. Nutmeg produces several different spices--nutmeg, allspice and mace. Cinnamon, cloves, and West Indian Bay leaf grow there as well.

There are 2 churches in Grenada that receive us readily--St. Georges and Mt. Granby. Godfrey Edwards preaches for the church in St. Georges, the capital, but works as a policeman to support himself. This group is small--less than 20.

Mt. Granby is inland from Gouyave. On the map it is between Mt. St. Catherine & Gouyave. I don't know what the altitude is but it's uphill the whole way. When I was much younger we walked up each morning (about 45 minutes) worked all day in the village then they drove us down after the evening open air preaching--it was dark you know. The church here is about the same size, but fluctuates more because there are more young people who are emigrating off island, or moving to St. Georges, etc. for work or study.

There is presently no full-time preacher there, but there may be soon. Please pray that all may work out for this to happen.


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