Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's a great world we live in

On Tuesday I'm scheduled for an angiogram and probably 1 or more stents. If they have to do a stent I'll have to stay until Wed. morning, otherwise I'll go home Tues. afternoon. What advances medical science has made. I had a stent done 4 years ago and it took about 15 minutes and in 2 days I felt 100 % better.

At times like these I guess I really reflect on the advances that have been made. I remember a preacher (Roy Foutz, for those who also may remember him) who was nearly blind because of retina tears in both eyes. I too have had retina tears in both eyes but thanks to advances made after he passed away I still see--in fact my new lens from removing cataracts have given me pretty good vision.

Things that used to be life threatening are not as much anymore. There is always some risk when you're dealing with the heart, but stents are done routinely in most hospitals day in and day out. Recovery time is minimal. Maybe the human body can live forever??

No, there are limits on how long the body can continue to function. In spite of the medical advances (and I'm very thankful for them) we must all still die and that's not a bad thing, really. As beautiful as this world is and as convenient as it is today, heaven is still so much more that it is beyond our imagination.


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