Monday, July 30, 2007

VBS Dominica 2007

Dana and I have been in Dominica the last two weeks for vacation Bible school--one week in Vielle Case and the next week in La Plaine. We are tired and both seem to have caught what they are calling "the Chavez"--head cold, sore throat, fever, etc. It is called "Chavez" because the president of that name visited Dominica and when he and his entourage left this respiratory infection started appearing.
We had 72 kids in Vielle Case, which is what we had last year. It is exciting to see the progress some of them have made--they've been there all 4 years. We had more teenagers than we've had since the first year--we ended with 15.
This was our first year in La Plaine so we didn't know what to expect. We had 29 the first day, which was a little more than I expected, but the next day it really jumped--to 62. We finished out the week with 70, which was way more than we expected. We'll see next year if that is the peak there, or if it will go even higher.

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David said...

Hey Tol, David Deason here. I have been trying to e-mail you but all the e-mails have bounced back. Can you e-mail me your new address? Mine is still the same.