Friday, August 03, 2007

The church in La Plaine

This is one of the Bible classes from vacation Bible school in La Plaine, Dominica last week. So far as I know, none of these children attend services with the church there. Elkin studies with the parents of some and they visit occasionally, but as of yet they are not Christians.

The church here is composed of less than 10 members but has an attendance of close to 20 most Sunday mornings. They also meet on Sun. night, then Tues. and Thur. nights as well. Tuesday night is Bible class but Thur. night is "What's your question?"--Elkin entertains any and all questions and tries to provide the Biblical answer. Attendance at most of these services is 10-12. Among those who attend are several Haitian immigrants, so the service is in English and Patois, the broken French that was spoken in Dominica earlier and which the Haitians understand. Last Thur. I was answering questions and one of the Haitians asked me a question in Spanish, so I answered it in English and Spanish, so that service was trilingual.

There is good potential here. Many of the younger people have rejected Catholicism and to some extent the charismatic movement, but they are still confused--they know that some things are wrong, but they are not sure what is right. A woman named Ucille is typical--she has studied with the 7th Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses besides us. She finally told the 7 days not to come back, but she is still confused, as you can imagine. Elkin continues to have 30 or more studies a month.

Please pray for the brethren here. Although few in number they are growing, although not as fast as they would like.


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