Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our first "Gospel meeting" at Caparra Terrace

The sign in the window is what's called a "Cruza Calle" advertising our first Gospel meeting. It literally means "crossing the street" and in the past they were banners strung from one utility pole to another across the street. Nowadays it's any vinyl sign.
We had Jose Coronado preach for us Friday & Saturday night, as well as the usual time on Sunday morning. The number attending was high--15 on Fri. and 10 on Sat. All the visitors were Christians--some from the English speaking church at Caparra and the rest from other nearby churches.
We also passed out tracts in the area around the church building, to let people know we're still meeting there and that we're back actively working and trying to reach others.
Ed and I will be preaching another Gospel meeting this weekend, but this time in English. This will be quite a change, as the church has met only on Sun. AM for many years now. We began Bible study on Wed. night last week (with everyone present) and now 2 extra nights.
Please pray that we may all grow together and find others who are seeking the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Saludos mi hermano Tol Burk.
Estoy contento de saber de su trabajo por amor a Cristo y a las almas.
Mi nombre es Josué Hernández hace tiempo que le escribo al hermano Ed Rangel, quien me ha permitido ayudarle en su página web.
Espero en el Señor, que usted y el hermano Ed Rangel sean grandemente prosperados en todo lo bueno que hacen por la causa de Cristo.
Su hermano
Josué Hernández A.