Thursday, November 15, 2007

What are people looking for?

As we are working here in Puerto Rico, particularly with the English speaking group there is a special challenge--finding contacts. In the past, most of my contacts have come from the brethren so I haven't had to go out looking for many of them. But with only 9 other members, most of whose friends speak Spanish that hasn't worked, at least not yet. Door knocking won't work very well either because those who want to worship in English are scattered all over the island--one in this neighborhood, 2 in that one, etc. So we are advertising in the English language newspaper and radio station.
Which brings up another problem? What can you say in 30 seconds that might interest people enough to come visit or call for more information? There is a need for doctrinal teaching, but how much can you do in 30 seconds and will that pique their interest? What we've finally decided on is to begin with a question, give one brief answer (or part of the answer) and encourage them to call or visit for more information. We are planning to tie as many of these questions as we can to our current classes or sermons--"for more information on this topic visit us Sunday for the sermon".
This will be trial and error for awhile, as our listening audience is very diverse--Puerto Ricans, people from New England and NYC, some from Florida, etc. They are process engineers, retirees, business owners, and housewives. They range from the young professionals who went to school in the States to older people who sold their home in NY.
Any thoughts you have in this area would be appreciated.


ukce1861 said...

Do they have any religious stations down there? Any chance you could do a radio show for a half hour or so a week?

Livia said...

Well written article.