Friday, February 01, 2008

Global warming, 2--or will man destroy the world?

Human beings seem to love disasters, are more properly the hanging specter of impending disaster. How else do we account for the recurring dates of the "end of the world", our fascination with the "effects of overpopulation", The Weather Channels what if disasters--I forget the name, but what if a major tornado struck downtown Dallas, another major earthquake struck San Francisco, etc.? I think our sudden fascination with global warming falls into the same category.

Is the world warming? The evidence is clear. Why is it warming? Is it a natural cycle of the globe, similar to the Little Ice Age, or is it the product of man's burning of fossil fuels, etc.? Since climatological records only go back 200-300 years, they aren't much help as to if there have been similar "warmings" before. Whatever you believe the cause is, your conclusion is based on faith to some extent. We cannot prove that greenhouse gases caused the hole in the ozone layer--we can theorize from certain experiments, but it cannot be proved.

What I really want us to think about though, is whether man can destroy this world? I believe that mankind, as stewards of God's Creation, should use wisely what God has entrusted to us. I recycle and even have a hybrid car, but that said, does mankind have the power to cause the end of the world?

The Scriptures state clearly that such knowledge and therefore the power needed to accomplish resides only in God. Man can no more destroy the world than he can create it. This is a humbling thought for many people, who think mankind can do anything. Such is not the case, and we would do well to remember that. God is not only the Creator, but also the Sustainer. He did NOT create the world, then walk off and leave it. He set in place the cycles of nature, whether the yearly seasons or the multi-year periods of "good" weather as well as those of "bad" weather.


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