Wednesday, February 06, 2008

20 babies

About a month ago a member of the English speaking church at Caparra invited some friends, co/workers, in-laws, etc. for the next Sunday morning's service in Spanish. Well about 20 of them showed up and most have been there for the last 3 Sundays. This is a photo of the 2nd Sunday they were there. In one Sunday our attendance jumped from 6 to 30.
Of course we are very excited, but also a little concerned. Most of these visitors didn't even own a Bible, much less know anything about how to get around in it. Imagine 20 babies and 3-4 Christians (one of which is preaching) to help them find the Bible passages. We gave them all Bibles, so they all have the same Bible, which simplifies finding the Bible books--the preacher gives out the page number, then the chapter and verse.
Singing is another thing--since most of them's exposure to religion has been the Roman Catholic, they don't know many hymns, so you have a room full of people, but only 4-5 who are really singing.
For me the thing I'm most concerned about is handling the problems that babes in Christ so often bring. Yet I'm confidant the Lord will provide all that we need in this area as well. He gave us the contacts, He will also give us the means to teach and ground them.
We thank God for these contacts and ask for your prayers on their behalf as well.

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Gardner Hall said...

Enjoy the "babes." Perhaps some will be of good ground! God bless, Gardner