Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"The simple life"

I preached Sunday in Mt. Granby, Grenada—33 present in the morning, 18 that night. As I drove back to the hotel after 8 PM people were sitting on the side of the road the entire way. They were groups of young boys, men, women, women and children, all just liming (relaxing).

They were on the road because outside is cooler than inside, but also because the road is “where it’s happening”. You see your friends there, the taxi buses pass, a friend may pass in his car, etc. The highlight of their day is the evening, relaxing with friends.

During the day life is also simple—working in the garden or cooking and caring for the children. Most people will take the time for a Bible study. You know when the bus comes up and who got on it, who got off, etc. We passed the granddaughter of a man we were going to see and our “guide” knew he had gone to town, but that the bus had come up and he should be home—he was. The granddaughter wasn’t sure whether he was home, but our guide was.

Now on the flip side, you must realize that this kind of life also means you have a few clothes to wear, enough food to eat—mostly what you yourself can grow in your garden, and not much cash money. You don’t have your own car, so you must wait for the taxi bus and squeeze in with the other 15 people already inside it. Travel is to the city in your parish, or maybe to the capital. It may be an easy life, but it has its drawbacks.

If this life is too boring for you, sooner or later you will immigrate to England, the US, or Canada. You know what that rat race can be, but the physical rewards are quite attractive to many. How many people work long, hard hours to have the cars, the house, and all the other trimmings?

There is a third life—a life in which, yes you must make a living, whether in Grenada or the US, or anywhere else in the world. In this life, the most important thing to you is whether or not you make it to heaven—everything else revolves around that. What you have of this worlds goods is not so important, but rather what treasure you have in heaven, “where moth does not corrupt, nor thieves break through and steal”.

Which lifestyle are you pursuing???


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