Monday, March 03, 2008

Signs of Spring

Ah yes, the signs of Spring are everywhere in Puerto Rico--the sea almond tree is losing all its leaves, the mosquito fogging truck was out tonight, and the bugs are crawling. Living in the tropics you're much closer to nature--too close Dana would say. We don't have window screens and we're getting sweeps on the bottoms of the doors, well one of these days, so bugs don't have too much trouble getting in. We spray for them, so the roaches never make it more than about 10 feet inside before they turn on their backs, but the dead bodies are still there. I was at the neighbors tonight around twilight and they had to turn the lights off--the flying termites swarmed in. We don't have lizards in the house, as is sooo common in St. Croix, which is not always a good things--at least they ate some of the bugs.

Is this not what you think of when you think of Spring? People in the deep south probably have much the same feeling we do--"Is winter already over? Here comes the hot weather!" The next 3 months are probably the hottest of the year--it's hot, humid, and sticky, but it does get slightly better in June or so.

I still look forward to Spring, but I just wish it would wait a few weeks more.


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Gardner Hall said...

We still have patches of snow here in NJ, but looks like the coldest part of winter is over.

Good to see you at lectures. Glad also, that you've hooked up with Vernon Hawkins, a great fellow.