Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The greatest temple of all

Above are renderings of the inside of Solomon's temple, as well as the outside of the temple of Diana (at Ephesus). Both of them are acknowledged to have been magnificent structures, but which was the greatest? Although there were other temples, these are certainly among, if not the most beautiful. Diana's is better known--it wasn't destroyed until travel was easier and more people had seen it, but Solomon's must have been awesome--everything overlaid with gold, of the finest woods, decorated to the n'th degree.
But in spite of the great beauty of these and other houses of worship even today (think of the "crystal cathedral" there is a temple that eclipses them all--the church of the Living God. No, I'm not talking about the building, of course, but rather the people. The people that Eph. 2 describes as "growing into a temple". The people called from every nation, tribe, and tongue under heaven. The people from every culture you can imagine and probably some you can't. The old, the young, the middle-aged (like me); the rich, the poor, those who travel extensively, those who've never been more than 50 miles from where they were born.
Together we all make up the mosaic that is the temple of God. Would you want to damge the beauty of Solomon's temple? Of course not, so why should we not then preserve the purity and beauty of the temple of God?

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