Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sweet but short

I was in St. Lucia a couple of weeks ago and the mangos were just ripening--there's nothing like a good, tree ripened, native mango. It's a taste like no other--sweet, kind of creamy, the only thing near its taste is kenep, which doesn't help most of you, since you don't know it either.

I noticed on one of the trees the remains of a mango--it has a huge seed and that was about all that was left, but it was still hanging there. The birds had gotten to this one before the people and it had been picked clean. I've seen hornets do the same thing, although it takes them a couple of days.

Now what's the point, you ask. There is nothing sweeter than a mango, but it doesn't last long--someone will eat, whether man or beast. It's "life" is only a few days once it matures. In the same way James compares our life to a vapor--here today, gone tomorrow.

Are you ready to meet God today?


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