Monday, June 23, 2008

Crossing the Equator

I've been in Bolivia a few days now and it´s been an adjustment. It has been cloudy ever since I got here, with temperatures in the 50's. Since I forgot to pack a jacket I had to go shopping for one right away and I've had it on most of the time I've been awake since then. I'm not accustomed to being cold in 2nd world countries--quite the opposite. A southern system blew in Sat. AM which here is cold, not hot.

I have spent 3-4 hours at least every day with the 1 or 2 brethren there are, studying as their knowledge is very basic. There were 11 of us for worship Sunday, including the 2 kids. They need lots of prayers, as they begin meeting again after 4 years or so. There are a couple of young ladies who are contemplating baptism. Please remember the church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in your prayers.



Gardner Hall said...

So glad you're in Bolivia as so little work has been done there by brethren with convictions like ours. Hope you're able to make contact with the people whose information I gave. God bless, Gardner

John said...

Hi Tol. I hope you and your work are thriving! I miss your regular posts and hope they will resume soon.


John Maddocks