Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who's in charge????

I'm in the Miami airport. I should have arrived in Bolivia about 8 hours ago, but many flights to/from Miami were cancelled yesterday, so instead of arriving here last night I arrived at 5:30 this morning. Miami had really bad weather yesterday, so at least 3 flights to San Juan were cancelled. From the reaction of my fellow passengers, I got the impression some were thinking, "Who's in charge here, anyway?" As Christians we know who's really in charge, and it's not mankind. God is the one who not only created us, but the one who keeps it all going.

When we really come to understand that God is in charge, it makes it so much easier for us. We have all heard that "our job is to sow the seed. God will give the increase." yet if we're not careful, when someone rejects God's Word we take it as a personal rejection. When we fully accept that God is in charge, we understand that it's not me they're rejecting, but Him.

We can also give our best and let it go at that. It is said that during the darkest days of Martin Luther's break with the Roman Catholic church that he became very depressed. It got so bad that one morning his wife dressed all in black and went about the house obviously mourning. When Luther finally inquired who she was mourning, she said it was God. "What do you mean, you're mourning for God?" She replied that since he was so depressed because his efforts to reform the church didn't seem to be having much success, she assumed that God MUST be dead, since the success or failure of truth depended solely on Luther's efforts (or so he seemed to think).

This dramatic gesture had the desired effect--Luther remembered that God was still in charge and he let God defend His Word. Brethren, we need to remember the same thing. By the way my flight to Bolivia is now delayed 40 minutes, but I won't worry about that--God is in charge of that, not me.


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