Monday, March 02, 2009

February--a month of firsts

February has come and gone but it was an exciting month for us in Puerto Rico. The churches continue to grow and as a result, so do brethren. We have had two brethren at Caparra (San Juan) lead their first prayer while waiting on the Lord's table. 3 were baptized at Moca (2 hours west of San Juan) and both men have lead prayers. The young man that was baptized in Jan. at Moca is also serving the Lord's table.

Growth is by spurts and at times seems to be two steps forward, one step back, but it is progress no matter how slow. One of the young men at Caparra, when asked to lead the prayer for the bread, back out because (he told me later) "he didn't know the prayer you had to say"--he had decided there these prayers were according to a formula and had to be said exactly or they were not valid.

Attendance at Caparra yesterday was 11 in English, 15 in Spanish and 12 at Moca.

There is another new church meeting in the center of the island, at Juncos. Presently there are 6 meeting there, Joe Carrasquillo and his family and Oscar and Ana Colon. They are passing out literature and inviting the neighbors, so we trust the Lord will give the increase. There is not a church in this town, nor in several of the towns around it.

Please continue to pray for us as we work here and that the Lord will provide the support for Joel Holt to move here in July, to work with us, as scheduled.


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Tol, glad to know you are well and that the Lord's work is well. Is there another way to communicate with you? []