Monday, March 09, 2009

Standing up for Jesus

Through the years we've lived in a couple of towns where the church was really strong and in one of those Dana was a Girl Scout leader. About 1/3 (or more) of the leaders were also Christians.

The year of Girl Scouts anniversary (I think it was 50 years) rolled around, so each council was going to have some special event to celebrate. As the subject of what they were going to do was broached, one of the more aggresive leaders began really pushing a "fun" night for the girls at the HS gym, which would conclude with a dance. Well actually culminate is probably the better word--the highlight of the whole evening was the dance.

There were almost 20 women present, of which at least 7 or 8 were Christians. Being one of the newer leaders Dana waited a bit to let someone with more influence protest, but no one did. Finally she protested, giving her reasons why and still no one else said anything. The dance was ultimately accepted.

As Dana was leaving several different leaders who were Christians approached her, telling her they didn't approve of the dance, their girls would be leaving before it started, etc. When asked why they didn't stand up against it they really had nothing to say. The dance was a flop, but the whole thing could have been avoided if only a few more had spoken out against it.

Are you standing up for Jesus, or do you just sit there? When someone at work (or school) tells dirty jokes what is your response? Do you just sit there, not laughing, but not saying anything? Or do you get all self-righteous and make a big scene about it? In my judgment neither of these is the answer--you need to politely, but firmly, tell the person that you believe such jokes are not in keeping with being a Christian. If he/she is offended it's not because of you, or what you said, but because of a guilty conscience. When "the guys from work" invite you to "go out for a beer" how do you respond? Do you say you don't have the time, or do you tell them the truth--I don't drink or go to where drinking is the main entertainment (that's the meaning of "drinking parties" in 1 Pet. 4:3)?

Are you standing up for Jesus?


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