Thursday, July 06, 2006

Life (and death) without a God

At the grave of his brother one of the earliest champion of atheism in the United States, Robert Ingersoll, made the following statement: "Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities. We strive in vain to look beyond the heights. We cry aloud—and the only answer is the echo of our wailing cry. From the voiceless lips of the unreplying dead there comes no word. But in the night of Death Hope sees a star and listening Love can hear the rustling of a wing."

What is like to live without a belief in God? According to Ingersoll it is just a journey from one cold, barren mountain peak to another equally cold and barren peak, with no idea of what lies beyond either of them. We want to know where we are going after we die, but there is no answer except the echo of our own voice. If this is all life (and death) really are, then what is the purpose of life? If we are born only to live 100 years or less in this world of sorrow and sin, why would we want to live at all?

Our Heavenly Father, who put us on this earth, has not left us to wander aimlessly through this life nor to enter into eternity without a clue as to where we are going. He has given us "all things that pertain to life and godliness" (2 Pet. 1:4) in this world as well as the road that will lead us to heaven, where there is life indeed. Those who believe God and His Word know why they are on this earth--to serve Him. They understand that this earth is not our final home, but merely a proving ground, to prepare us to enter our final, eternal home, heaven.

Which group do you belong to?


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