Tuesday, July 25, 2006

VBS in Dominica

We had vacation Bible school in Vielle Case, a village in Dominica. We had 55 kids the first day, then jumped to 66, 67, 71, and 69 the following days--there were 6-9 teenagers included in those numbers. Since the elementary school enrollment is 65 you can see that we had most of them in VBS. It was rewarding, but also challenging as there were only 8 of us teaching 5 classes. 2-3 more teachers would have really been helpful, as several of the classes had 14 + students.

VBS was basically two hours in the morning, followed by an hour in the afternoon to prepare for the next day. Since we also preached each night in the street it was a long day. Open air preaching is expected to be at least 45 minutes plus 5-6 songs and concluding remarks, so it starts around 6:30 PM and goes until 8:30 or so.
One sister was restored on Sunday night and didn't miss a night of the preaching.

Tol Burk

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