Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life in Puerto Rico---slooooowwwww!

Dana and I arrived in Puerto Rico last Friday and have been waiting for everything under the sun since. We got here in time to go to the shipper to get a car and the trailer with our furniture, etc. Well, I didn't have the paperwork for either one and it would take us at least 1/2 hour to go back home to get them and customs closed at 3:30 PM, so nothing doing that day. Our neighbors supplied what we needed for the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday was doing some shopping--Wal-mart is about 1 mile away, but that's 20 minutes in our neighborhood. Services actually started about 5 minutes late, which is not even late here. All were present except one in English. The Spanish speaking group did not meet. (We'll work on that).

We spent all day Monday back at the shipper and customs--duty on the car was ridiculous, payable in cash only. Fortunately, there was no duty on our household goods. We cleared that trailer, then had to call a trucker, to go leave the papers at his office--a gas station. He brought the trailer to the house around 5:30 PM. After going to the bank, getting cash advances, etc. we finally paid out the car and left with it around 4 PM, arriving home 30 minutes later. It's only 7 miles, but the traffic.

We are still waiting on phone and internet--it was supposed to be installed Thur. but they couldn't find the cable so it is postponed until Tues. afternoon. Our phone number is suppossed to be: (787) 998-2098. I'll let you know when it is activated.

We're at Starbucks catching up on internet everything this afternoon. I only circled for 5 minutes to find a spot to park (it would probably be illegal to park there anywhere else but in PR it is SOP). We're adapting to driving here--we can turn left out of any lane and zip in and out of traffic like everybody else.

We are both fine and should be fairly well settled in by the end of next week.


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