Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's official!

As of about 11:45 PM, April 30th we now own a home in Puerto Rico. The closing was set up for 7:30 PM and by the time everybody explained everything in great detail to Dana and she signed all the papers it was 11:45.

Our new address is below in the proper format:

Urb. Valle Verde 1
Rio Turabo AW15
Bayamon, PR 00961

We will retain the same cell phone number for awhile: (931) 797-2300 I will post our new landline phone # when we get it. My e-mail address has also changed to: Dana’s remains the same:

We have 3 bedrooms so we have room for company—just check with us for dates.


1 comment:

Ed Rangel said...

Dates? Any day after you move in is enough notice, huh?

Great that you and Dana have the home thing out of the way.