Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"A very large family"

Dana and I have been traveling for about 10 days now, on our way to Puerto Rico. We're finally in FL, at Port St. Lucie, with our youngest son and his family. Sunday I preached at 2 of the churches that support me, where I've never been before. As usual, I was reminded what a large family the church is.

At one of them we didn't think we knew anyone, but there was a former member from Sweetwater where I preached from 1985-1990. At the other one I publicly said I didn't know anybody, but afterwards a brother we knew from Abilene met me almost at the door. Another young man told me of a young lady I've been corresponding with about living in the Dom. Republic this summer. And this doesn't include all the connections that were made with other brethren in other places we both knew.

I was also visiting with a preacher I know from KY a few weeks ago who had visited a church I know well. He told me it was a little strange--out of 200 or so people only 5 spoke to him at all. Sometimes, our family doesn't act like the family they are. If someone were to visit the church where you worship, how would they be treated?


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Steven C. Karoly said...

We've walked into the homes of brethren whom we don't know only to have someone call out, "Debbie, Debbie," to my wife. That happended one evening a few years back when visiting brethren from the Carmichael church. My father-in-law had preached evening services. After services, we were invited to a home where we knew very few brethren (my in-laws, who were visiting too, and one of the elders as I recall). In the end, I met a sister who knew my wife years before from her childhood.

The same thing happend when worshiping with the church in Eureka two years ago. I've been amazed for the past several decades that the number of Christians that we know up and down California and even into Oregon and Utah. It's truely a small world out there.

Steve Karoly