Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Conservatives are mean and liberals are stupid"

Don't know whether you've heard this quote before, but I think there's a lot of truth to it. Liberals (in my view) tend to think they live in a perfect world, where each person will do what's right if you just have enough patience and give them _____________ (fill in the blank with whatever YOU think they need. Because of that, they tend to enable bad people, which is often stupid. On the other hand. conservatives think everyone should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and so at least come across mean spirited (some are downright mean, not just mean spirited). So which one is right/better?

A social conservative can be/come across as uncaring about those who are in need. While a social liberal is much more attuned (at least so it seems) to human suffering, often their solutions accomplish little real good. While God expects each of us to do the best we can, He made provisions for the needy--through the church, as well as through individuals. His plan doesn't involve governments or setting up institutions to do the job, but rather is on a small scale. God does care for those in need (orphans, widows, disabled, etc.) but He also said "He that will not work, neither let him eat." The trick for us is to stick to God's plan (be conservative) but not become mean spirited. Do some people take advantage of the "system"? Of course! But let us never become cynical because of that--we must continue to think the best of a person until they prove otherwise.

Many have said, "I'd rather go to hell for doing something (unauthorized) than for doing nothing.", the idea being that while liberals may go beyond what God authorizes at least they are doing something, while conservatives are doing nothing. Sadly, there are many conservatives who are doing nothing, but at the same time there are many liberals who are only making token efforts. If you analyze what "liberal" churches give to "good works" then divide the total by the number of members you will frequently find that each member is "doing good" to the tune of 50 cents a month. What a sacrifice.

Brethren, I am going to great lengths to be in heaven throughout eternity, not hell. The fact that I did many "good works" while alive will be no consolation in hell. The rich man of Luke 16 wasn't thinking of his riches in Hades

I believe that God demands our obedience, which makes me conservative--careful to follow His commands. But He commands that I love my neighbor as myself, which means I can't be hard hearted to the needs of others. If you do it right, people (especially your enemies) will not know which "label" fits you--you're obviously conservative in regards to His Word, but you're liberal in your caring for others. Confusing them can be a good thing.


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