Monday, September 08, 2008

Politics as usual

Labor Day weekend seems to mark the beginning of the political season here in Puerto Rico. Our backyard backs up to a major thoroughfare, all six lanes of it, so we've already had two political trucks this evening. I didn't see them--the trees on the other side of the drainage canal prevent that, but I heard them loud and clear.

Since everybody has their windows open--it's only 84 degrees right now, you hear the music whether you want to or not. They each had their catchy little song extolling their candidate and depending on the traffic and the traffic lights you can get to hear the song through several times with some of them.

The political caravans will probably not start until next month--the candidate gets as many cars together as he/she can, stopping at strategic points to pick up more followers. Of course there is at least one, frequently several trucks with loud speakers blasting music to keep things lively--just imagine having one or two of these parked across the street from your house for half an hour or so. Usually at these stops there is also plenty of liquor, so "lively" is the word to describe this whole nonsense.

It's amazing what people will do for monetary gain, all the while ignoring their spiritual welfare. Just like Esau traded his birthright (the right to be the patriarch after Isaac died and receive a double portion of the inheritance) for a bowl full of lentil stew, in the same way many are trading their eternal soul for something that won't last more than a few short years.

What about you?


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