Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 13 & Hurricane Ike

Sept. 12th or 13th will take on new significance for many along the upper Texas coast--the day Hurricane Ike hit. Things will be dated in life by Ike--"Was that before Ike, or after?" By now you've seen photos of Houston/Galveston/Port Arthur/etc. and the destruction of Hurricane Ike. With the Lord's help your family and friends in that area are well and you've heard from them.

The passage of a major hurricane is life changing, even if you and your house suffer little or no damage. Unlike a tornado, which usually affects only a small part (or path) of a town, a hurricane destroys infrastructure that affects everyone. Even on the mainland, where supplies and work crews can arrive by truck (not by boat as must be done here in the Caribbean) it takes time to replace the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of power poles. Once this is done the power lines must be run, then reconnected to houses, or neighborhoods, etc. The same is true of telephone and cable lines, unless they're underground. Potable water is usually a problem--not only because of power issues, but frequently the treatment plant is at best contaminated, at worst damaged or destroyed.

Transportation is snarled because of downed trees and power lines, potholes, washouts, rock or mud slides, etc. Even cell phones don't usually work during the first few days--they took the satelite dishes down so they must be put back up.

We are thank God that the loss of life seems to be minimal, but the loss of quality of life will continue for awhile--3-4 months or longer. Please keep these brethren in your prayers.


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