Saturday, April 15, 2006

The beauty of Creation

There is nothing quite like the wildflowers in the Spring in Texas. There are a lot more trees and perhaps a greater variety of flowers in other parts of the country, but the bluebonnets (in the photo) and the other wildflowers sometimes cover acres at a time. One of the common photo ops at this time of year is to get people in the midst of a patch of bluebonnets and people never tire of such photos.

The interesting thing is that in terms of economic value the wildflowers really have none. Bluebonnets were known as buffalo weed, as only buffalo would eat them--they are too tough for cattle. That is true of most of the wildflowers; they are not good for forage, people can't eat them, they're not even much use for bees as they don't last long enough. Yet God has put them firmly into the Texas landscape--even a dry year like this one doesn't completely stop them. God, in His love for His creation, has put beauty everywhere. In the middle of tornado alley, severe thunderstorms, hail, etc. God has planted wildflowers for the sole purpose of beauty for mankind.

If you've ever scuba dived in the Caribbean you know the many brilliant colors under the sea--the sponges vary from neon orange to bright yellow to lavender to green. The sea fans, some 6 feet tall are also purple. And don't forget the colors of the fish--yellows, reds, greens, blues, black with blue edges. Just what purpose does all this color serve? Apparently none, other than to please mankind.

If God took the trouble to make this world so beautiful, a world which is only temporary, how much more beautiful will heaven be?


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