Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More fruit in Venezuela

I translate reports for several preachers in Venezuela, so get their news on a fairly regular basis. During March there were 5 baptisms--1 each in both of the congregations is Barquisimeto, as well as one each in (starting from the South and the West) Barinas, Valencia, and Caracas. On average they are baptized 5-8 per month among the 25 congregations in the country.

Three of these new brothers and sisters are the relatives of other Christians while the other two are contacts made through door-knocking or other public preaching/teaching.

You may wonder how they are able to reach so many, relatively speaking. Without a doubt the key is personal work, with the emphasis on WORK. They are all talking to people they know about the Gospel every day. In Caracas they go out 2 days a week to pass out tracts, preach, discuss in parks. One of the preachers in Barquisimeto not only teaches 6-8 adult contacts in Barq. but also 4-5 teenage boys, besides traveling by public transportation to 3 villages each week, plus traveling to preach one or two Sundays a month in other churches. Nino is presently working with 3 churches, obviously not by himself, of which one is 3 hours away.

Someone told me years ago that the important thing about personal work was not the plan--it was the work.


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