Monday, April 17, 2006

"Nobody made it"

Sir Isaac Newton was a scientist but also a believer in God. He had a close friend who was also a scientist but an atheist. They were together frequently discussing all sorts of things, including God and creation. Finally Sir Isaac had a carpenter make a working model of the universe. At the center was a large golden ball representing the sun and properly arranged around it were the balls representing the planets. As one turned the handle the whole universe went in to motion, the planets circling the sun.

One evening his friend came visit and Newton was in the middle of something, so his friend began to examine the model of the universe. As he turned the crank and everything began to move he was amazed--"Who made this for you?" he exlaimed. "Nobody" was Sir Isaac's reply. "What do you mean nobody? Of course someone made it for you" his friend said. "Nobody made it, it just happened". By now his friend is getting excited, "Do you think I'm crazy? Of course someone made it." Newton's reply was simple and to the point, "If you understand that this model had a maker how can you claim that the real thing, of which this is only a poor copy, came about by mere chance?"

There aren't many, if any, who would believe that a car came in to being because of an explosion in the Saturn plant. No one could believe that a computer "just happened". Why then, do so many blindly believe that this universe or even the human body, both much more complex than either one, just happened? If the car and computer must have a designer and builder, is not the same true of the universe?


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