Thursday, April 20, 2006

The sparkplug

Nino was the first sound preacher in Venezuela. His wife Chela was among the first converts there--he had been a Pentecostal "pastor" before, but had always had doubts about some things, so when he heard the truth preached he gladly accepted it. A number of preachers from the States: Wayne Partain, Valente Rodriguez, Ruben Amador, Jose Soto and others came frequently in the early years. After a year or so a contact was made with the institutional churches there and a number of brethren left these errors, Pueblo Nuevo in Barquisimeto was one of them. As brethren moved from Barinas for work they took the Gospel with them and Nino was soon traveling all over the country, teaching and strengthening the brethren. Truly he and Chela were the sparkplug that kept things going. In Venezuela, even more than in the States, most of the members don't have much time to consistently do the Lord's work, so the preacher is an important aspect of that work--someone who can dedicate themselves to Bible studies, exhortation and comforting of the brethren, etc. Without Nino's tireless efforts it would have taken much longer for the churches to grow.

Nino began about a year ago to work with a family who had moved from Barinas to San Cristobal. In that year the church has grown to 15-20 on Sunday and they continue to have Bible studies with other prospects. Please pray for Nino & Chela as they labor in the Lord's vineyard.


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