Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our trip to the Dominican Republic

From our homebase in Santo Domingo we went out to preach most days. Sunday we stayed in Santo Domingo, but went to services at 3 different churches--most churches only meet once on Sunday then twice during the week. Because of frequent power outages most have chosen not to meet on Sunday night. The later it gets on Sunday the noisier it gets outside--music from every little store and half the houses plus motorcycles, cars, etc.

Mon. & Tues. we traveled about an hour east of Santo Domingo to San Isidro. Wed. we were back in Santo Domingo then Thursday we drove 4 hours west to San Juan de la Maguana. On Friday we drove north 3 1/2 hours to Santiago, the second city of the country, home to 1.5 million people.

We normally had at least 8 people with us--we had a minivan and it was loaded. We met with churches that had 14 or so to 50 + to one church that has around 160 on Sunday. We would have liked to make contact with some others, but time and distance prevented it.


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