Thursday, June 01, 2006

Children's classes

In many places outside the US children's classes are not given much emphasis. Certainly when the parents are still learning the basics it is hard to think about classes for kids. In Mexico frequently the children play outside during worship and one of the adults has to go out periodically to quiet them down.

The photo just above shows a church we visited that has seen the need for a chldren's class and we are all sitting in it before services started because the breeze outside is better than inside. It may not look like much, but they were proud to show us what they had done for the children's class--never mind the barbed wire fence behind the chairs on the left or the lack of sides.

The top photo shows the classroom upstairs that the church in a nearby town is working on. They haven't got the lights in yet and so there is no furniture etc, but they're working on it.

Brethren, we are blessed to have good material readily available, all kinds of technical support--computers, copiers, etc., and what importance do we give to children's classes? Are they just something to keep the kids busy while the adults are studying? Or is it a sincere effort to teach children about the Lord? Is it something you as a teacher prepare for that morning (or night) or something that you take seriously and prayerfully prepare over the week? When the kids grow up and look back at their classes what will they remember?

Tol Burk

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