Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Church in the heart of the city

Caracas, Venezuela is a large metropolitan area of 6 million people.
There are now 3 churches in this city, one of which meets right downtown, only a few blocks from the presidential palace in a rented facility, down a long hall. Although they put a sign out when they are meeting, that is the only time it is advertised in this way, so it's not a place you are likely to "happen onto".
Caracas is no different than most big cities--most of the people in the area don't live there, the people aren't "neighborly", they're in a hurry, etc. In spite of that the men meet once or twice a month to pass out tracts, flyers about correspondence courses, etc. The preacher, Gerardo, does this by himself several days a week as well. From a beginning 4 years ago of 8 people they have grown to over 20 and continue to grow. A couple of months ago a man (Victor) visited with his two daughters. He had visited a number of churches and still hadn't found one that was following the Bible. After that initial service he agreed to study in his home and within 6 weeks was baptized. His wife was baptized in Jan. and they both continue to study. Little by little the Gospel is being spread.

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