Monday, February 26, 2007

"This old house . . . "

You may remember this old song, I think the best known rendition was by Rosemary Clooney--"This old house". It talks about how the house needs lots of repairs but nothing is being done cause they're getting "ready to meet the saints".

The same could be said of the human body--as we get older it begins to need a "little" repair here and there. In my wallet I have cards giving the details of my two stents and the lens in both eyes and those are only the most obvious signs--that kneww, the inability to read fine print, etc. all make me think more about that place where we won't have any of those.

Dana is recovering well from her hernia surgery, but it is going to be a slow process. In a year or so she will be fully recovered but in the meantime she feels very keenly the weakness of an aging body.

As Paul says in both of the Corinthian letters this body is decaying but for the Christian that is not the end of the story--we have a glorious body awaiting us, a body without the possibility of pain or death.


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