Monday, February 05, 2007

Fruit in La Plaine

To the right is a photo of the church that meets in La Plaine, Dominica. All the white people are visitors, but you see Elkin, the preacher in the back corner. They meet in the Village Council building, as they have practically since they began. Attendance that Sunday was 21, which is typical.
In this group there are 3 Haitans who have been attending for over a year. Elkin and I studied with them twice last Feb.--I taught in English, then he would translate it to the broken French (Patois) and of course any questions were handled in reverse--he would translate it to English so I could answer it and then he would translate it back to Patois. One of these 3, Pierre, was baptized in Jan. I believe he may start a chain of baptisms, as over half of the 20 present each Sunday are not yet Christians.
Please pray for our new brother in Christ. Also pray that others will be motivated to follow his example.

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