Monday, April 02, 2007

Yes, we really are moving!

Dana and I have been in Puerto Rico since Wed. looking for a house. Tonight our offer to buy a house was accepted so the next to the last step has been taken for our move. We have both marveled at how the whole process has gone so smoothly--the Lord has made it very obvious that we need to be in Puerto Rico. We continue to thank Him for His care!

We also met with both churches in Caparra Terrace on Sunday and everyone was very happy not only with our presence that day, but especially because of our upcoming move. They have already made some improvements on the building itself—some paint, new blinds on the windows, etc. Members of both churches (English speaking & Spanish speaking) talked to us about contacts they have been thinking about, so we are encouraged with that.

Brethren, please pray for us and the work here. With 4 million people here and only these three sound churches there is a lot of potential. Once the brethren are grounded I believe these churches can be a good base to spread out from.


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