Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Mule Day" in Columbia, TN

It's Mule Days in Columbia. It started out with the Mule Trail Ride that pulled into town Wed. PM. Then there have been Mule Pull's, prancing mule shows (they call them gaited mules), Mule Show and the mule part ends today with a 2-3 hour parade of every kind of mule pulling every kind of cart you can think of. There are black ones, red ones, grey ones, white ones a mixes of some of the above. They range from just bigger than a malamute to almost perceron horse size. It's pretty amazing the first time to watch the various kinds and sizes.
Of course you have a huge flea market and vendors of all kinds. This is the first year I remember seeing the food trucks, so we must have finally arrived. Many on the main roads into town now have garage sales as well, so if traffic wasn't bad enough with the 150,000 extra people coming in, just add in those stopping, parking, and leaving the edge of the highway. It's a mess!
It's interesting that 150,000 will come from who knows where to watch a bunch of mules walk and buy somebodyelse's junk but you would be hard pressed to have 15 come to a Gospel meeting. Even in a county where there are 8 sound churches, around 500 Christians, that Gospel meetings are poorly attened. Does that tell you where people's priorities are, even Christians?

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