Monday, April 09, 2007

How the Gospel spreads

This photo of Gerardo and his family, including the first (and only) grandchild. He preaches in downtown Caracas, within steps of the Presidential Residence. Several days a week he, along with other brethren, preach in different squares and parks, passing out tracts and invitations to study the Bible. They will be placing ads in the newspaper offering Bible studies this month.
In December a man was baptized after about a month of studies. In February he and Gerardo began studying with 2 people in the neighboring town of Guatire, where his Mother lives. Unfortunately, his Mother was not willing to study, at least now, but two others were and have been studying weekly for about 5 weeks now.
The book of Acts records that while Paul was preaching in Ephesus that the Gospel was spread throughout "all Asia". From this most important city of the province, the commercial center, the Gospel spread to other towns and villages. When "Joe" was converted, he immediately thought of his brother Moe in another town. When Moe heard the truth he obeyed it, as did his wife and her Mother. The Mother-in-law had children in yet another village and so it went. When people are really converted they must share the message.
As we teach people we must keep our eyes open for their contacts as well--those they have some influence with.

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