Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bible study in Puerto Rico

We just finished a Bible study with our neighbors tonight. It was our third study and they are right with us thus far. They bake cakes, and I don't mean Wal-mart type cakes, for weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc. They are unbelievable and this is the way they support themselves. The cakes are usually delivered on the weekend, so they bake and decorate them on Wed. & Thur. so Monday or Tuesday is the best night for us to study. They had two different groups coming today to discuss their cake and they were scheduled at 3 PM and 5 PM, so they would be gone before 7, so we could study.

When we got to their house they warned us that the couple from 3 PM had still not come and was coming any minute. They insisted we start the study, which we did. Sure enough, about 10 minutes into the study, here they come. They invited them in and they sat down in the living room (10 feet from where we were in the dining room). We then find out that the couple wants to wait on his sister, so they are invited and come into the dining room and enter the study. We continue to study and just as we are at the next to the last scripture his sister arrives. So instead of studying with 3 people, we studied with 5.

In the States, this study would have probably not happened this week, but here not only did we study, but we studied with a young couple (soon to be married) who we did not expect at all. She at least was attentive and we pray the seed was sown and may one day bear fruit. I left a copy of the lesson with her as well as the sister. So when things don't seem to be working out like you expect, don't worry it may be even better than you think.


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