Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean

As the satellite photo shows the eye of Hurricane Dean has now passed Puerto Rico. It is cloudy here, but it has not rained since 6 AM. I don't know how much it rained here on the north side of Puerto Rico--the only time I heard it was at 6. It is still a little windy, but we didn't get very much of that even. We didn't even lose power. We thank God for His care for us.

As the first hurricane begins to approach, we begin getting supplies so that if it does hit we have what we need. So Tues. we bought bottled water, flashlight batteries, candles and more canned goods than usual. We also filled up both cars with gas, as well as the generator. I then trimmed palm fronds that were touching the house, cleared the debris off the roof (we still have a dead a/c compressor up there, but I left it too), gathered up light things in the yard, etc. Because it became obvious pretty early that it wasn't likely to hit PR we didn't have to bring the lawn furniture, bbq grill, plants, etc. inside--one time in St. Croix our bbq grill kept blowing back and forth down the porch. It's a big job preparing for a hurricane and requires several days.

After the first "scare" we are now more or less ready--we will keep the supplies until the end of Oct., then use them up. We can say we are prepared to meet a hurricane. It feels good to be prepared, but the worst that would likely happen in a hurricane is that we would lose our house and stuff, maybe even our life (to put this into perspective Hurricane Hugo severely damaged 70 % of the houses in St. Croix but only 21 people died).

Are you prepared to meet God? If you're not and die, you will lose alot more than physical life. The ASV translates 1 Tim. 6:19, "lay hold on that which is life indeed"--a reference to eternal life in heaven. Obviously then, the opposite of that, eternal destruction in hell, would be the loss of well being indeed. You CAN rebuild after a hurricane but once you die you CANNOT prepare yourself to meet God.

Are YOU ready?


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