Wednesday, May 31, 2006

preaching in the country

I preached at this church Mon. night. There were about 52 present that night and the lesson was well received. This is a church that was started by the liberals but the preacher wants to learn and do everything exactly like the Bible says.

He was also present last night when Edward preached in the nearby town and is to meet us this afternoon to go to the 2 churches where we will preach.

This area has about 3,000 families and most of the houses are in various states od construction--some almost finished, some barely started. The brethren probably don't have much but they received us with much love. When we got there the power was off, so we sat outside under the shade for the children's class until time to start. As it began to get dark they started up a generator and off we went. About halfway through the sermon they power came back and quiet returned--it was a small generator, but even the small ones make noise.

I'm about to lose my battery, so I'll close for now. The brethren here send their greetings to you all.


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