Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"God Wins"

The book of Revelation is probably the most misunderstood book of the Bible. We are again in a period where speculation about the "end times" is rampant--any time there is trouble in the Mid East such speculation seems to multiply. But what is the message of this book?

If we understand the theme of Rev. it will help us unravel the book. As I understand it, the whole point of the book can be summed up in our title--"God wins" We have a series of visions showing God's judgment on the oppressors--repeated, not because they are successive (one after another historically) but rather to emphasis the certainty of God's judgment. The book ends with the ultimate defeat of God's enemies and where both sides will spend eternity.

As we are faced with seemingly overwhelming odds we need to remember that our God still wins.


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