Friday, October 06, 2006

Just do your part

I got an e-mail from a younger sister today telling us of a friend who should be at services with her Sunday morning and of another person she thinks may come soon. In closing she said, "I don't have any trouble inviting, but I'm not good at setting up studies".

Of course I was happy to share her news but it also got me thinking about how important each member of the church is. Her husband does not attend and her baby is still quite a handful so she usually doesn't get to sit through the whole service. She's young and while she knows the Bible somewhat is not comfortable to study with a non-Christian. But in the beauty of God's plan she doesn't have to be able to do it all--that's what others are here for.

Our philosophy is that someone who visits "church" is indicated that there is some interest in spiritual things, so we will visit them in their home very shortly. We go and won't even come in unless they insist, but this shows them we're interested in them. While she may not be confident enough to try to set up a study, we are. But without her efforts in inviting them, we have no point of contact.

Each member has a vital part to play in the growth of the body of Christ. Are you doing your part? Never mind whether others are or not--just do your part and leave the rest to God.


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