Thursday, October 19, 2006

Off to St. Croix

If the Lord wills, I will leave for St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands, tomorrow morning. I am to start a Gospel meeting with the church there Sunday and go through Friday. This will be like going home for me, as we worked with this church for 8 years.

The attendance in St. Croix is still around 30, where it has hovered for some years. People are converted and baptized, but some go back to the world, some go back home to the Down Islands, and some go on to the States. This is an old picture (1995) but most of those pictured are still there. The church building is not much by stateside standards, 24 feet by 48 feet--a little more than half is auditorium and there are 2 classrooms and a bathroom. But the first time we met in it (1994) we couldn't have been prouder--it was ours free and clear and we were paying on the land. Besides it was much more comfortable and easier to set up each service than the tent we had been meeting under for over a year.

The land has been paid off now and the foundation should have been cast for a concrete block building by now--progress has been made in physical things. But even more important is the progress made in spiritual growth. The growth in the children is striking--one boy was less than a year old when we moved there--now he is 16. The spiritual growth may not be so obvious but it is there too.



World Evangelist said...

Good Morning Tol:

God bless your efforts in St. Croix! I am so thankful for men like you who are not sitting back and waiting for others to do the work, but are actively doing it themselves. It is a joy to know that there is a faithful work there.

Please give the love of the brethren here in Toronto, to the brethren there.

Your Friend and Brother,


Ed Rangel said...


Wish you the best in St. Croix. I am happy that there are still men that love the work in foreign fields like you do. Indeed, you are a great man and one to be admired. When I grow up I want to be like you :)