Monday, October 16, 2006

"One Night with the King"

Dana and I went to see a movie titled "One night with the King" Friday night. I recognized Esther's famous line, "If I perish, I perish" from the TV commercial so thought it might be the story of Esther and after further investigation found it was. It was almost 2 hours long and almost as exciting as the truth. It is rated PG and I was impressed--the most sexual scene is a kiss and there is no violence or suggestive langauge.

For a Hollywood movie it was pretty good. Of course there had to be some political intrigue involved (which the Bible left out) but what was striking was how obvious they made it that God was behind all this. You may already know that the book of Esther never mentions God, but in the movie He is mentioned more than once. In fact Mordecai's message to Esther, "if you don't act, a deliverer will rise from somewhere else" is quoted, "if you don't act, God will raise up a deliverer . . ." They "fleshed out" the story, making it more of a historical romance, but all in all it was good.

I would urge you to go see it for a couple of reasons. The main one is to encourage movie producers to produce more movies like it--nothing convinces them to make a movie like $$$. The more people who buy tickets to it, the more likely it is to be repeated. The second reason is that I can see that it would make a good conversation starter with non-Christians. If you have to study the book of Esther with them, to then study the church and salvation, why not? It's a fascinating history and will hold an audience today as well as it always has.


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